Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nice Sunday

yes, today is a great Sunday. I love it because it's my day to eat what I want and not feel guilty.
I'm not going to feel to bad as I've read so many sites on eating that no one does the whole program completely as it's written. They have their days where they do take a bite of desert and just go on. So, for me, ya you probably say that's all she needed to read, lol but ya, I had a Snickers bar today and for dinner I had Rotisserey Chicken and Broccoli and Coleslaw. Probably still not good but it was to me.

I read on the zone site that we grow into exercise. No one starts out being able to do an hour of an exercise. I'm not going to burn myself up any more because I can't do one either. they are meant to be challenging. I like how Lisa Shaffer does give you a few to do and then you get to choose if you do 2,3 or 4 sets. It will still, work your but. I'm happy with my kb's and I'll just swing to do my best when I do it.

Day off today. It's Sunday fun day.

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veekcee said...

Hi Cheryl! I found your blog and I'll be following along in your journey. You have a great attitude and are keeping it real. Wish I could say the same for myself, ha! Your kb workouts look great!