Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Sunday Morning

Another day to go to work and do nothing. Don't mind doing nothing but I curerently don't have any really intersting books to read. I have Like The Sugar but it's not really pulling me in yet. That's why I'm always surfing the net for information on Kettlebells. how do it, when to do it.. I have a specific goal to reach and I feel that what I'm doing might not get me there because, I don't know about these things. I guess KB practice fixes the whole body and maybe I should look at it like, this is so much better then free weights that it doesn't really matter what I do because my whole body is going to get fixed. Now that would be great to hear. That no matter what I do, it's all good. Can't spot reduce, don't have to worry about working biceps next to triceps and all the other stuff you do when you free weight train. I really do have to find something else that gets me going in my life. I'm kinda board with getting up, eating, exercise, get food ready for work, go to work, listen to people complain, do my job, eat, and come home, read the net, and go to sleep. Hum... what can I do so I won't be thinking so much about eating. I think more about that then any thing else, I think... gotta go.. the timer is beeping for me for.... guess what.....????? eggs:)

Yea, I made soap today. That makes me feel good.I love making soap. Wish I could find a sent to smell like a deep fruit. I can't think of the name now but not tutti fruity. That makes me sick. Too fruity.
I made Arctic Raspberry with Mango Kiwi. The raspberry is the strongest scent but the I didn't have a lot so, I sill think it will mellow down to a nice blend.

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