Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Only If God Says Yes..

I have to put this in my heart a lot more. Corey had an awful scare on Saturday morning. I don't know what this incident means for his life but I will pray to find the way for him and his family. Thank God, for taking care of my son in a very cruel world.

I won Goddess from eBay yesterday. Did not expect that. Was having a good chat with Nia about working out and what how each instructor is. Well, again, this has to be part of what I'm looking for in terms of being good at KBing. I"m glad she's in my life,... this is not.... by... chance...

I did what I said for exercise today:
10 2 arm swings
10 1 arm swings
10 high pulls
all x 3

not bad.. felt like I could do more but i think what I should do or can do is shorten my rest period. I took 1 minute but for what I did that was too long. Next time do it with 30 seconds.

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