Monday, September 8, 2008

Hard weekend

But it's over. Going through fire is not fun. Not fun at all. You burn and smoke and then there is nothing left but ashes. This weekend was my week to make it through a whole week of *clean8 eating. Well, I didn't make it and I'm not going to try to do it again. I think thinking about it made it not happen. So... nuff said. I had a piece of pita bread with my salad on Friday. Yes, I could have thrown it out. Yes, I could have given it away, but no. I ate it and liked it. I have no excuse. I'm just who I am and I did what I did. I know for sure, I"m doing a lot more then anyone I know, except maybe one person. So, i'm not going to beat myself up about it. I have other goals I have to make and those are just as important as me trying to eat healthy. I ate Chinese food today also. yup. I ate it!!! Do I feel bad. NO. Do I feel like I failed myself. NO!!! I know it was a meal and it's over. I'm done trying to be perfect and I was not ever perfect in anything I've done. I get B's but not A's. I feel like I'm being graded. In my class though, I still passed my course and I'm no less a massage therapist then the person that got the A's. Tonight, I will eat my regular meal, veggies and protein and Digestive Enzymes and be happy that I did not take a whole day in fire. Peace. One-Day-At-A-Time.

WORKOUT - Did Goddess Upper Body and it was good. I had to use a dumbbell for some exercises that she used two. Otherwise, I kinda like this one. I will do it again on my next KB practice day.

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FallenAngel said...

I've been failing alot lately with food. You are not alone.

But I need to get back to good food soon.

Its just hard. But we can do it.