Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh Yea. !!!

I'm shrinking again. Today I weighed in at 159.9. Now check that out. I was closing my eyes when I go ton that scale hoping it was under 161. I made it. I'm glad. I still feel fat, big but maybe when I lose the next 10 I'll really feel trim. I'm pretty okay with this though. When I thought I was doing it alone, it didn't happen. Now I'm so critical of everyone else eating yogurt and Cheetos and carrying Coke. I read some mind opening info today that Coke has 9-10 teaspoon of sugar in it. Now how the heck can you not give that up once you see something like that???? I don't even l don't even drink Coke. But dang. I did have one, once in a while but not every week. I was never a Coke drinker any how. Now that I see, it makes me sick they even make something like this. I made it through a work day again with my reading, The Sugar Shock. Great so far. Now that I even hear people say they at a granola bar or something similar is LOADED... did you hear me... LOADED with sugar. Read the labels... I'm not way perfect,.. I'm learning. I did do some Goddess again today. I really like the exercise with the 2 kettlebells but I don't have two the same size. Jerry did give me money for vitamins that I asked for but I'm using this on this investment. I know once I get all the needed equipment it will be less expensive to do. Just coming into kettlebells, ha. .. Man.. that's all I'm going to say. For me now, it's okay. I've come to what really makes me happy and it's something I can do and it's not boring and it's really good. I like it. I will have another walk day on Thursday. Looking forward to burning some sole. See ya.

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