Monday, September 29, 2008

I know I'm losing weight

So follow me. This is a journey I did not plan on being on. I feel driven to learn about food and how it affects my body. I am glad that there are some doctors who do know what goes in matters in the long term for health. yes, they may be debating about the milk but they are certainly not debating about the vegetables and fruit. That I can buy. That I can hold on to. They are certainly believers of supplements. Not to replace food but because our food is not grown in the proper soil we need supplements. Just get the best ones and you don't need all of them. I can now say, I like losing weight. I hope my breast tissue also shrinks and still looks decent and not like someone from a third world country. I love that they also say, exercise. Doesn't matter what it is.. just move. Enjoy it and don't let excuses take you from it.

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