Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Light

Well, I had a very good night at work ... except... I talked to a doctor. .. Now .. she left me feeling very unhappy about my eating plan. she said restrictive diets, don't work. She said she will go out and have a drink or two of wine and a piece of bread and a bite of desert. She looks great. She's the infectious disease doc at the hospital and it works. I've seen this lady go from plump to pancake and she did it a good way. She joined Weight Watchers. She got me to thinking, I've heard so much about how people do lose weight on this that at least my light is on about it. They do get to eat. They do get to eat pasta. I want to get this without being deprived. It is very subnormal to not eat as many things that I don't. I can't see why you can't find the foods you like and just replace them with a high fiber one and do it in 1/2 cup size or something. I know I'll get the I'm not the nutritionist .. so what can I do? Stay eating meat and vegetables the rest of my life and keep walking away from social events.???? It's not fun, it isolates me and I don't like it. I also don't like my breast shrinking to who knows what. I had nice perky girls and now they are hanging their heads in disgust. When I was younger they did not hang like water balloons. Now I have to think about getting a breast fixing up here or else, how is this mess going to look hot? How can I feel. hot with sagging flesh?

Off to go for my walk in this gloomy weather. Maybe I'll hear a good word. I'll be listening for it.

Went for a walk today. It was really good. I love walking. I swear if walking could get me in the shape I want, I walk all over..

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